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We all live in our homes and accept the environment as it is until we decide that a change is needed. I feel there are many ways to design any given space.


My professional design view is to guide you through this process of change while remembering at all times that it is YOU who lives in your space. My guideline is viewing a home as a forum for your own self-expression.  I have never repeated my interior design creations with my various clients.  Therefore, no two homes that I have designed resemble one another. Each home was designed as a unique space that reflects the tastes and life style of the client. Listening very carefully to your desires and needs and incorporating your wishes into an aesthetically beautiful environment is of paramount importance to me.


My goal is to implement your vision without imposing my own personal tastes. When making choices, I will always discuss with you the pros and cons regarding the design elements.  My goal is to help you understand the choices you are making, not to make those choices for you without your consent.

Dale E. Holman

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